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Founded in 1983

Celluphone Headquarters The wireless industry is complex and ever changing. To succeed, independent dealers need a single source that’s easy to deal with, does what it promises, and remains competitive. We are that source.

Founded in 1983, Celluphone was appointed the first Authorized Agent for Verizon Wireless (then AT&T AMPS) thirteen months before cellular service was even launched in the Los Angeles area. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the largest wireless distributors in the country.

Since its inception, Celluphone has recognized that retail dealers would be a crucial force in the wireless industry. With this in mind, our focus has been to provide support for independent dealers in every aspect of their wireless business. We offer dedicated field support, efficient activations, competitive commissions, and the broadest selection of handsets and accessories available.

Celluphone currently supports several hundred active dealers throughout the United States. Our broad range of sales, service and support programs give our dealers a decided edge in this unique, competitive marketplace and has made us "America's Master Agent".

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